Protection Buyers

Energy Providers

Energy companies are exposed to earnings volatility due to the impacts of variability in temperature on demand while variability in wind, solar and hydro can impact energy supply. Both energy demand and supply can influence commodity prices creating further complexity in earnings management.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy developers, off-takers and financiers are exposed to variability in wind, solar irradiance, and rainfall, especially when these create low resource scenarios.


Growers and input providers are exposed to shortfalls in the yield and quality in many key crops due to adverse weather conditions, especially freezing temperatures, excess heat, drought, or deluge.

Construction (Offshore/Onshore)

Project owners and contractors are exposed to weather-driven delays as extreme temperature, precipitation, wind speed and wave height can generate liquidated damages and other stand-down costs. These delays can create financial impacts not only a single project, but losses across time as subsequent projects can also be delayed.


Air, road, river, and ocean transportation can be exposed to delays arising from extreme, temperature, rain, snow, ice, wind, river height and wave height, resulting in delayed travel and shipments.

Public Entity

Public entities – from municipalities to multilateral organizations – face both property damage and business interruption arising from natural catastrophes such as hurricanes and earthquakes as well as non-catastrophic risks arising from snow, rain, and temperature.

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